Thursday, January 23, 2014

Passport to Fitness

A few months ago at work we were presented with an wellness opportunity - the fitness passport. This passport allowed us access to a number of gyms, leisure centres and pools in our local area, without having to join that gym.
I was looking for a sign to join a gym and get off my arse and this was my sign......

And to make things even better, I found a gym buddy (and her husband) who also signed up to make the experience easier.
So at the end of last year, we started experimenting with see what was our best fit. We tried body balance (didn't love but something to keep on the list) and body jam (we struggled with that one............too many steps to remember). And then we tried Zumba............OK, I don't want to come off as a zumba addict but OMG - I love it. We found our niche and now we are going to between 2 and 4 classes a week.
We are also planning to try aqua aerobics and Pilates in the next few weeks............and I want to get back to Body Combat - a favourite of mine in the past.
In addition to the exercise I am also watching what I eat - adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet and cutting back on the amount of meat that I eat. No chance of vegetarianism for me but would like to reduce the amount I eat.

So, I'm going to try and keep it up. Try and get to my goals. And try and not bore anyone shitless with my journey.
My wonderful friend Danimezza has started this hashtag on Instagram as a safe community for fellow Aussie Curves gals to share their journey.


  1. So cooool! I love Zumba too! We had a cool free class and the instructor was UHHHMAZING but I think it has been cancelled now....Glad you're enjoying the gym looks AWESOME too! xoxoxox