Sunday, February 9, 2014

Aussie Curves - Active Wear

It's been a few challenges since I've joined in with Dani and co on an Aussie Curves challenge. I'm trying to be less about always buying clothes and more about me this year. And this is why this challenge is perfect.

As you might recall from this post, I have started my journey to fitness, and I am pleased to say that I am still on that path. I am going to at least four Zumba classes a week and just started back at Body Combat. And next week I start Pilates..............I even went for a run on the treadmill the other week....

All of this exercise meant I did need to pick up some new active wear to get through the jam packed weeks without having to wash every single night. So here are a few of my current choices:

I bought the Michelle Bridges on a year or so ago and they are pretty good. I looked for some new ones and either she no longer makes plus sized cropped pants or my Big W sell out of them too quickly.
The Virtu/TS14 ones were from the Virtu/TS14 outlet store that has recently popped up at Lidcombe not far from my place. They were samples so I am not sure which size I actually bought as one says "S" and the other "L".........whatever the size they are the MOST COMFORTABLE pairs of gym pants EVER....I hate when they are in the wash...
At the moment I am "running around" in a pair of these. Probably not the best gym shoes but I haven't got around to getting a new pair. And I need to - my feet are asking for a proper pair.

When it comes to tees to wear to the gym - I tend to gravitate towards cheaper tees from Kmart or Big W. I have invested in a few funkier ones from Bonds in the recent Myer sales but they were too funky for the gym and they have now joined my weekend casual wardrobe.

Enough of me telling you what I wear, here is me actually wearing said clothes:
Tuesday Zumba Class: Bonds tee with Virtu/TS14 pants and Saucony runners


  1. well done, you're doing great on your fitness journey! love the pink shoes

  2. I love that you love your classes so much. It makes me REALLY happy to see you enjoying yourself so much. And that you found some great clothes to work out in. Now GET THOSE SHOES, your feet need support lady. A-SAP.